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[Photographs] Dublin 2012

Remembered this week, that I haven't posted the Dublin pictures yet from last year even though I'm going again in a fortnight. So there we go ... Spent all my Saturday evening looking through 2890 photographs and tagged 140 of them. So you've been warned ... Lots of pictures are behind the cut ... Take care and enjoy.

... My chest it aches for you it aches for lovely ... Collapse )

It was Grafton Street on a sunny day ...

Don't know why I didn't post them before, as I tagged them ages ago, but who cares, right? So here are my Dublin pics from my second trip this year ...

Photographs: Training session: Hertha BSC

First training session of the 2011/2012 season. Had to get up early, but it was worth it.

This is what I wrote on my Hertha Tumblr about it yesterday:
  • 9.30 am … A bit early, but well.
  • Little team talk in the middle.
  • The training session took place at the front lawn.
  • A bit of running over the whole place.
  • Keepers were off to the place at the back but had to run huge rounds.
  • Fans clapped at the first round of players and keepers, huge smiles all over the faces of the players :)
  • Quite a few warm up stuff.
  • A little passing session at the back.
  • Then back to the front, getting the goal and a little game.
  • Kraft and Aerts in goal, Beucke a field player.
  • Both keepers saved well at times, though the fans only clapped for Kraft <_<
  • Ebert scored a nice one (against Kraft), and not quite sure but think Perde (against Aerts) scored the other one.
  • That was it. Almost 2 hours training for the first session.
  • The players looked well up for it. Happy faces all around.
  • Niemeyer was the only one I didn’t like. Had his problems with quite a few exercises and didn’t look as fit as the rest of the lads.
  • Schulz wasn’t there, a bit surprised, but according to herthabsc.de he has a tonsillitis.
  • Hubnik was back already :o Was surprised to see him, but was good as well.
  • Brooks is a great defender. First time I saw him today but he did pretty well and I love the fact he is a left foot.
  • Raffael and Ronny looked well fit, not even tired at the end, had two friends with them.
  • Babbel and Lell were in deep talks at the end.
  • Franz did run with the rest of the team, in his trainers, then changed for football shoes and had individual training but also for almost 2 hours :o Did lose him when he went to the Amateurstadium with the coach.
  • Didn’t see much of Torun. Have to say I did mistake him at times for Perdedaj. From where I was standing they do look the same, but his hair is lighter.
  • Lasogga did well. A bit of dribbling every now and then and looked absolutely fit. Think he also lost a bit of weight during the summer.
  • Niemeyer was asked about the three defensive midfielders we now have (we actually have four you moron but oh well), and he was just like “That okay, let’s see what happens.”
A bit useless facts:
  • Ebert has two new tattoos … An angel with thorns on his right forearm, looks a bit like one of these superwomen with angel’s wings. And something on his left wrist which I can’t make out at the moment.
  • Ebert, Lasogga, Kraft and Niemeyer took quite some time with the fans. Lasogga was the last to leave them.
  • Ronny and Raffael used a different exit to the rest of the lads and walked behind all the fans.
  • Ebert called Niemeyer “Nieme”.
  • Someone is called Tony (I think it’s Brooks… Widmayer called it quite a few times).
  • The new trainings gear is GREY with a few black strips at the arms, a bit on the front and at the back. Dark blue shorts.
  • Quite a few players had neon orange laces. Ouch.

Coming home now ...

Got around pretty fast this time with the tagging of my Dublin pictures.
When I did so and took a look at how I uploaded them last year I recognized that I promised to upload the missing ones to my personal gallery later. I never got around to do that actually :o I also have a few more pics this time than you will see under the cut, but I am aware of the fact that my gallery doesn't work as it should and I already have something on my mind, but with all going on lately and Katta coming over on Friday and my room still looking like a mess after I painted it and bought new shelfes I don't have time for that right now, but it will be on my agenda afterwards I promise! I will let you know once it's set up, but for now here are "a few" pics to enjoy ...

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